Wolfgang – Villain Review

Wolfgang - Villain ReviewWolfgang – Villain Review

Wolfgang is an Undead trappable villain that you can capture after defeating him at the end of the thirteenth level – The Future of Skylands in Skylanders Trap Team. Wolfgang wasn’t always a werewolf. He used to be a brilliant musician who was set to marry a beautiful princess. Before the wedding he planned to release his ultimate symphony. He was convinced that all of Skylands would love it and crown him as the best composer of all time. Unfortunately no one liked it. It actually physically hurt people to listen to it. Wolfgang had unintentionally discovered the musical note for pain. All of the people in Skylands shunned Wolfgang, and the princess refused to marry him. This drove Wolfgang completely mad, transforming him into the werewolf he is today. With his life in ruins, he turned to a life of crime, terrorizing the royal subjects and using his music as a weapon. The Golden Queen realized that Wolfgang could make a powerful ally as long as she could control his rage and keep him in line. That is when Wolfgang joined the Doom Raiders.

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