Wolfgang – Villain Review

Wolfgang - Villain ReviewWolfgang – Villain Review

Wolfgang is an Undead trappable villain that you can capture after defeating him at the end of the thirteenth level – The Future of Skylands in Skylanders Trap Team. Wolfgang wasn’t always a werewolf. He used to be a brilliant musician who was set to marry a beautiful princess. Before the wedding he planned to release his ultimate symphony. He was convinced that all of Skylands would love it and crown him as the best composer of all time. Unfortunately no one liked it. It actually physically hurt people to listen to it. Wolfgang had unintentionally discovered the musical note for pain. All of the people in Skylands shunned Wolfgang, and the princess refused to marry him. This drove Wolfgang completely mad, transforming him into the werewolf he is today. With his life in ruins, he turned to a life of crime, terrorizing the royal subjects and using his music as a weapon. The Golden Queen realized that Wolfgang could make a powerful ally as long as she could control his rage and keep him in line. That is when Wolfgang joined the Doom Raiders.

Since Wolfgang is a Doom Raider, he is afforded an extra attack over normal villains. His main attack is his Musical Slash where he will swing his axe bladed guitar like a sword. He swings it out in front of him then to his side and his follow through will even hit some enemies behind him. This is critical to attacking those pesky Blaster-Trons who only take damage from behind. It also does some very heavy damage to everyone in the swings path. It’s probably the most devastating melee attack of any of the villains. His second attack is a Power Rift Slide where he slides along the ground playing his guitar. This is basically a dash attack, and it does some serious damage as well. It’s not as much as his Musical Slash, but it’s going to wipe out most mid range or smaller enemies. As good as the attack is, you probably won’t need to use it over the more powerful Music Slash attack. His last attack completes the trifecta of attack styles with a ranged attack. The Killer Lick attack produces musical notes that damage anyone who can hear the notes. The attack will last for as long as you hold down the button, or until Wolfgang suffers some damage. Each note does significant damage, so an unending stream of musical notes can be devastating to the largest of enemies. It’s a trio of attacks that are some of the best for any one character in the entire game.

After you capture Wolfgang in level 13 – The Future of Skylands, you’ll want to load the level up again for a second playthrough. Wolfgang - Villain Review SSOnce you get to the platform with the Fire Element Gate, you’ll want to go to the right side where there is one of those arrow bounce pads which will bounce you up to a platform with a taxi. That taxi will take you to Containment Corner where you will find Wolfgang’s quest. His quest is an actual challenge, where you will have to fight imps and make them follow you until they are sucked up by a giant vacuum. Once you get 100 of them you will complete your quest and become evolved. The evolved Wolfgang turns dark grey and his attacks will become even more powerful. The Musical Slash will get more range and damage, the Power Slide will get more distance and damage, and the Killer Lick will shoot notes out faster and do more damage. This is one quest that you’ll want to do as soon as possible to make Wolfgang as powerful as he can be. Once evolved you’ll be able to take out pretty much anyone in the game. The downside is that his active bar is probably just average in length or maybe sightly better than average. Your time will seem to go fast though, as it’s a lot of fun to unleash the destructive powers of Wolfgang.

Overall, Wolfgang is a fantastic character to use. You will definitely want to make sure you have an Undead trap dedicated to holding him. It’s true that he could be a little faster for those that want to rush through the levels, but his average speed is a fine concession to make for all of his attack power. Wolfgang is going to be one of your go to guys for the rest of the game once he is captured. There really isn’t anything bad to say about him, he’s sure to fit into anybody’s play style and he is one of the best villains in the game.

SkylanderNutts gives Wolfgang…

9.5 out of 10

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