Meet the Trap Team Skylanders: New Core

Meet the Trap Team Skylanders: New CoreSkylanders Trap Team is almost out, and we almost have the full list of new Core Skylanders for Skylanders Trap Team. We now know all 19 of the core Skylanders set for Trap Team. There are 16 base new figures, and three special named variants: Dark Food Fight, Legendary Blades and Legendary Deja Vu. It appears that all three Frito-Lay characters were always going to be characters in the game, but it was their names that came from the contest winners. It’s possible that by then end of Trap Team, we may learn of a couple more special named variants of the 16, but for now, this is all of the New Core Skylanders. It’s time to meet the Trap Team Skylanders: New Core.

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