Legendary Deja Vu

Legendary Deja Vu
"Did That Just Happen?"

On a remote island in Skylands, Déjà Vu tirelessly worked on a machine that would make the perfect three-minute egg in half the time. After pouring over countless magic tomes, and even consulting the lost plans used to create the legendary Tower of Time, she finally completed construction of the huge machine. Unfortunately, a gang of evil giant sea slugs, searching for a way to acquire super speed, learned of her machine and set about to take it at all costs. Slow, but well armed, the massive slugs bore down on the island. But rather than allow her work be used for evil, Déjà Vu quickly jumped into action and set the clock’s hands to thirteen – causing a time overload. Caught up in the blast, she was given an amazing power over time, which she then used to stop the evil slugs in their tracks and spin them home. Now as a Skylander, Déjà Vu uses her incredible powers to turn back the clock on evil!

Legendary Deja Vu is a new Legendary variant of Deja Vu for Skylanders Trap Team. She will be exclusive to Toys R Us, though no information has been released about if she'll be part of a Legendary Adventure Pack or just a single figure.

Déjà Vu and Legendary Déjà Vu - Video Review

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Meet Legendary Deja Vu w/Brawl and Chain

Power Play: Deja Vu


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:120  Max Health210
Defense: 50  Speed60
Speed:60  Armor18
Luck:200  Critical Hit60
  Elemental Power46


All Attacks
Space-Time ShotsPress Attack 1 to shoot a magical ball of time energy that homes in on enemies.Free
Past SelvesPress Attack 2 to bring a version of your past self that explodes. Press Attack 2 again to switch places with it.Free
Time RiftPress Attack 3 to create a Time Rift, damaging all who touch it. Shoot the Time Rift to create a black hole.500 Gold
Long-Term MemoryPast Selves last longer and replay a longer history, as well as damage anything nearby.700 Gold
Time Rifts AplentyHave more Time Rifts active at once. Time Rifts now attract Space-Time Shots. Prerequisite: Time Rift.900 Gold
Circular LogicPast Selves fire Space-Time Shots.1200 Gold
Live to Remember Path
Warp FieldShoot a Past Self to create a warp field, pulling enemies towards the Past Self.1700 Gold
Past Self ParalysisPast Selves do extra damage and freeze all nearby enemies.2200 Gold
Go Out With a BangWhen a Past Self explodes or when you switch with it, it releases Space-Time Shots.3000 Gold
Remember to Live Path
Explosion Deja VuWhen a Past Self explodes, the explosion is repeated two more times.1700 Gold
Time Heals All WoundsWhen a Past Self takes damage, your are healed by an equal amount.2200 Gold
Space-Time DualityPress Attack 1 to shoot two Space-Time Shots at once.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Black Hole BedlamTime Rifts now turn into massive black holes, releasing unstable time power.4000 Gold

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