Déjà Vu and Legendary Déjà Vu – Skylander Review

Déjà Vu and Legendary Déjà Vu – Skylander Review

Déjà Vu and Legendary Déjà Vu - Skylander ReviewDéjà Vu is a new Magic core Skylander making her debut in Skylanders Trap Team. She also has a Legendary variant called Legendary Déjà Vu which is sold exclusively by Toys R Us. She comes as part of the Mirror of Mystery Adventure Pack which is an additional level for Trap Team. Déjà Vu lived on a remote island in Skylands where she loved to play with magic and food. She desperately wanted to build a machine that would make the perfect three-minute egg in only half the time. She read one magic book after another and even consulted the lost plans used to create the legendary Tower of Time. Finally she finished construction of the giant machine. Unfortunately, a gang of evil giant sea slugs learned about her machine and wanted to take it for themselves. They were trying to acquire super speed. As the very well armed slugs descended on the island, Déjà Vu refused to let them get a hold of her machine. She turned the clock’s hands to thirteen causing a time overload. Unfortunately Déjà Vu was caught up in the blast. However, the blast gave her amazing powers over time. She used these powers to stop the evil slugs and send them back to their home. Now she is a Skylander who uses her powers to turn back the clock on evil!

Déjà Vu is a very interesting looking core Skylander. She is a relatively small humanoid character with purple hair and pigtails making her look like she might be just a young girl. Déjà Vu and Legendary Déjà Vu - Skylander ReviewShe wears a silver mask with a lightning bolt symbol on her forehead. This lightning bolt symbol can also be found on her chest, arms and legs, however it’s a light blue lightning bolt on a slightly darker blue lightning bolt and it’s hard to see. Despite this affinity for lightning, she doesn’t really have any lightning or electric attacks. One hand holds a magic staff, while her other hand holds an hourglass attached to a chain. This gives the distinct impression that she is going to have an attack that will have something to do with time. Overall she is not very intimidating looking, but she does look mysterious. The legendary version of Déjà Vu actually looks a little better. The dark blue and gold paint does a much better job in highlighting the lightning bolts all over her costume. The contrast just makes her stand out more. Either version you use though will have the same set of attacks.

Déjà Vu’s attacks do indeed focus around the concept of time. Her main attack is called Space-Time Shots and are magical balls of time energy that fire from her staff. These ranged shots also have the added bonus of being able to home in on the nearby enemies that they are shot towards. Her second attack is called Past Selves. By pressing the Attack 2 button she will bring a past version of her self into the present. It sounds as if this past self is supposed to actually do past actions that she had recently performed, but instead it’s just follows the real Déjà Vu around. You can even switch places with the past self by pressing the Attack 2 button again. When it’s time is up, it will explode. This will actually become an important attack because both of the specialized upgrade paths deal with upgrades to the Past Selves. A third attack that can be earned through an upgrade is called Time Rift. She can create a Time Rift which damages anyone who touch it. If she shoots the Time Rift it will create a black hole which will suck in nearby enemies ensuring that they take some damage. It’s like placing a bomb, but one that can attract enemies to it. Her Soul Gem ability is called Black Hole Bedlam and will turn those black holes into massive black holes. It’s here where they start to become very useful. A couple other cheap upgrades allow Déjà Vu to have Past Selves that last longer and one that allows her to have three Time Rifts active at one time.

Déjà Vu and Legendary Déjà Vu - Skylander Review Gameplay SSWhen it comes time to choosing an upgrade path, you don’t get much of a choice with Déjà Vu. Both paths will improve Past Selves attacks. The first is a path called “Live to Remember.” This seems like the weaker of the two paths. The first upgrade is called Warp Field. You can shoot a past self to create a warp field pulling enemies towards the past self. We can never tell if this is working. During a fight it’s usually pretty chaotic with Black Holes, Time Rifts, and Space-Time shots going everywhere. But even when all we do is try to shoot the past self, we never notice it do anything. The next upgrade is called Past Self Paralysis and it will allow the Past Selves to do extra damage and to freeze the nearby enemies. It’s another upgrade where you can’t tell if it’s helping. And finally there is Go Out With a Bang. When the past self explodes, it will release Space-Time Shots. It’s an extra attack, but there is no focus, and not much damage to it. I rather prefer the other path called “Remember to Live.” The best upgrade of this bunch is the Space-Time Duality which adds a second Space-Time Shot to her main attack. Another pretty useful upgrade is Time Heals All Wounds. This will heal Déjà Vu the same amount as the Past Self takes damage. This encourages Déjà Vu to stay out of the battle and to attack from afar. The last upgrade is also O.K., it’s called Explosion Déjà Vu. When a Past Self explodes, the explosion repeats two more times. Any one of these upgrades seems better than any of the upgrades on the other path.

Overall Déjà Vu is a pretty solid Skylander. She will please the ranged and passive play styles as she has no melee attacks at all. By the time she is maxed out with attacks she will be able to create all kinds of chaos. Time Rifts and Past Selves will be the front line of attack while Déjà Vu keeps her distance and shoots everything in site. Black holes will keep enemies away by dragging them in, and Past Selves and Black Holes will all explode when their time is up. She’s not your typical character, but she is pretty fun to use. The fact she comes with a new level to play with is enough to recommend her. Just be sure to give her a chance to get some upgrades as she’s not very useful early on.

SkylanderNutts gives Déjà Vu and Legendary Déjà Vu…

7.5 out of 10

Déjà Vu and Legendary Déjà Vu – Video Review

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