Sheep Creep – Villain Review

Sheep Creep - Villain ReviewSheep Creep – Villain Review

Sheep Creep is the first villain in the game that you will capture in level 1 – Soda Springs. He is a Life villain which means you will need a Life trap to capture him. You’ll then want to make sure he is loaded up in your Life Trap when you start Level 3 – Chompy Mountain, because his quest will be the first quest you come to on that level. Sheep Creep is baaaaaad news! After years of being pestered, it was inevitable that a sheep would finally go bad. That sheep was Sheep Creep, and he carries a big gun in the form of a couple of side mounted missile launchers.

Sheep Creep is just a typical villain character so he only has two attacks. Since he is the first villain you capture, you would think that he might not be very powerful. This is almost the case. Neither of his two attacks are very powerful, even after becoming evolved. However, is main attack which fires missiles out of his side mounted missile launchers fires them so rapidly that he can do a lot of damage in a short period of time if he is hitting his target.  The missiles also travel a good distance across the screen making it a pretty good ranged attack. If you want to land most of your shots though, you’ll want to wait until you are fairly close to your target as the missiles are not homing missiles. In Sheep Creep’s second attack, he takes cover in his wool, and sends out a number of wooly projectiles in all directions. This is a decent attack when surrounded, but it will freeze Sheep Creep for a few seconds. This attack can not be repeated as fast as the missile attack, so we tend to ignore this attack.Sheep Creep - Villain Review SS

Both attack are made more powerful when you complete his quest called Mildly Irritated Sheep which is found at the beginning of level 3 – Chompy Mountain. This quest is an actual challenge instead of just and automatic upgrade. In this challenge you shoot Sheep Creep out of a slingshot at buffalo who are hiding in rock formations. It’s kind of like a first person version of Angry Birds. You are given plenty of time to shoot down each configuration of buffalo, so even the most inexperienced player shouldn’t have much of a problem completing the quest. Once completed, Sheep Creep changes into a black sheep, and his attacks become more powerful. His wooly projectiles even travel a little farther.

Overall, Sheep Creep is not very powerful, but his rapid fire ability make him a villain worth using. Also, because he is the first villain you capture, you will find that he will do just as much if not more total damage than your early level Skylanders. He probably wont last long as your go-to villain, but he makes for a good first villain and you’ll get some good use out of his rapid fire missile attack. Sheep Creep is surprisingly fun and useful early in the game.

SkylanderNutts gives Sheep Creep…

7.0 out of 10

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