Skylanders Day 12/5/15 at GameStop

Skylanders Day 12/5/15 at GameStopIf you missed the Black Friday deals this past week, and you are looking for Skylanders then you are in luck. There is another Skylanders Day coming this Saturday December 5th and there are some pretty good deals for those of you who maybe have not jumped into these games yet. First you can save 50% off of any normal SuperChargers Starter Pack. That means they will be $37.49. But that’s not all. If you missed any of the previous games, and GameStop happens to still have that game in stock, you can get any previous Skylanders Starter Pack FREE with the purchase of the SuperChargers Starter Pack. That’s two games for $37.49. Skylanders Day 12/5/15 at GameStop DarkIt’s an excellent deal if you are new to the series. Just remember though, the SuperChargers Skylanders do NOT work with the older games. So you may need some extra old Skylanders. Should you want the Dark Edition of SuperChargers, you can save $40 on that Starter Pack. Those will be just $59.99. SuperChargers characters and vehicles will be buy 1 get 1 free. So now is a good time to beef up your collection. Not only that, but the holiday variant Missle-Tow Dive-Clops will be there as well as the long awaited Nightfall Skylander. Both are going to be found first at GameStop. And if you like the Eon’s Elite, GameStop was the only place to get the first year of them. Those older Eon’s Elite Characters will be just $9.99. For more deals and information about Skylanders Day, visit the GameStop website here.

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