Golden Queen – Villain Review

Golden Queen - Villain ReviewGolden Queen – Villain Review

The Golden Queen is an Earth trappable villain and is the leader of the Doom Raiders in Skylanders Trap Team. She is a wicked queen made entirely of gold and is rich beyond her wildest imagination. But that isn’t enough for the Golden Queen. If there is more to be had, then have it she wants. So she stole and stole and stole, but it was never enough, there was always more to be had. Through evil sorcery she even learned how to turn people and objects into solid gold. However, that was still not enough. The idea that there was treasure in Skylands that was not hers infuriated her. She began a quest to take every last cent of it, but she couldn’t do it alone. That is when she formed the Doom Raiders – the most notorious group of villains ever assembled. She promised riches, world domination, and even all-you-can-eat shrimp just to recruit special criminals to her cause. Together they terrorized Skylands until Master Eon and the Trap Masters put a stop to them and locked them up in Cloudcracker Prison!

The Golden Queen is the leader of all of the Doom Raiders. As such, she also has three attacks at her disposal for dealing with her enemies. Her fist attack is her Spinning Staff Strike. She swings her staff in a 360 degree circle around her hitting any enemy in her path. She can even hit the same enemy multiple times, or sometimes the attack seems to miss entirely. For being the leader of the Doom Raiders it was kind of strange when this attack didn’t do much damage. Even after she is evolved, it just isn’t an attack that will be able to take down the medium to large enemies. For her second attack, she fires Golden Rays from her staff. This will immobilize the enemies as it also turns them to gold, however, it does not do any damage. Once they are frozen into gold you can attack them with her with her Spinning Staff Strike. Doing so will not only damage the enemies, but it will cause gold rings to burst out of them just like Sonic the Hedgehog. So while this attack may not cause much damage, it will help your Skylander make some money. For her last attack, she can summon some Golden Wings. These wings will follow the Golden Queen around and attack any enemies in it’s range. It shoots bursts of rapid lasers at the enemies, and it won’t stop until the enemy is gone. Each laser does about the same damage as her staff, but the advantage with this attack is that the Golden Queen can keep her distance. It lasts a decent amount of time, enough to wipe out a few rounds of enemies. It’s pretty fast to acquire it’s target and seems to quickly roll from one target to the next. It’s her best attack but it still might not be useful against powerful enemies.Golden Queen - Villain Review SS

You will capture the Golden Queen at the end of the 17th level – Lair of the Golden Queen. If you keep her in the trap as you start the last level, 18 – The Ultimate Weapon then you’ll be set to find her quest and get her evolved. Her quest is found at the very beginning of the level, just to the left of where you start. There is no challenge associated with her quest, but she will gain the ability to turn specific machines found in the level into treasure dispensing machines. This is another way to earn some extra money in the game. Once evolved The Golden Queen will go from wearing a gold dress to wearing a purple and blue accented dress. She does look a little better in her new outfit. She will also get damage boosts to her attacks which helps a little but her attacks are still pretty weak after the upgrade. Her active time seems to be a little better than average. It’s not as long as you would expect the leader of the Doom Raider’s to be.

Overall the Golden Queen was a little disappointing. As a playable villain, she isn’t bad, but as the leader of all of the Doom Raiders, you would expect more from her. She isn’t a villain you are going to want to use to dominate the battlefield. However, she is a villain you will want to use if you need some money. Her ability to turn enemies into gold and get some extra money from attacking those gold frozen enemies is what she is all about. She is also very helpful on the last level, the Ultimate Weapon where she basically gets an extra 4 to 6 treasure chests by turning those machines into treasure spitting machines. So she is far from useless, but if you were expecting to dominate with the leader of the Doom Raiders, then you may want to give Wolfgang a promotion as he is clearly the Doom Raider to use in battle. Then again the Golden Queen was never said to be a powerful villain, just one that is overly obsessed with gold, and that is exactly what you get when you play with her, more gold.

SkylanderNutts gives Golden Queen…

8.5 out of 10

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