Masker Mind – Villain Review

Masker Mind – Villain Review

Masker MindMasker Mind is an undead element villain that you will find haunting Level 6 – Rainfish Riviera. Even though he’s undead, it seems like he relies on a lot of magic to control his enemies. He believes that everyone is entitled to HIS opinion. He’ll make sure this happens through dark sorcery, where he can take control of an enemy’s mind for a spell. He also uses a telekinetic push to keep his enemies at bay. Once you can prove that hypnosis is real then Masker Mind will become even stronger. Even once he has evolved though, you may find that Masker Mind is better left to his own thoughts.

Masker Mind is just a low level villain, so he only has two attacks. Perhaps he couldn’t become a Doom Raider because he can’t really do what he is advertised to do? For his main attack, he shoots a moderate speed projectile that is supposed to turn enemies into allies for a short time. In our, admittedly short time playing with Masker Mind, we never found that this actually turned any enemies to allies. Before he evolved, it did seem to at least stun some enemies. They would kind of just look dazed and confused and not move. But after we evolved we didn’t really see this happen much. It’s possible that it might just be the difference between the enemies we were fighting before and after we evolved him. The attack does do a little bit of damage when it hits enemies, and smaller enemies have more of a chance to be immediately killed by the attack, but none of the enemies we tried to hit with the attack, seemed to fight for us. So for the most part, we used his secondary attack which is a small burst of magic that surrounds Masker Mind and pushes enemies back. The description of the attack says that it doesn’t damage enemies until Masker Mind is evolved. However, we found that it did do damage from the beginning, which is a good thing because we think his main attack is just useless. Once evolved, the attack does do about 25% more damage to everyone in the area. It then becomes Masker Mind’s go to attack as it can take out many of the medium sized enemies with ease. With only these two attacks at his disposal, and with one of them being pretty much useless,  it makes Masker Mind a hard character to want to use.

Masker Mind’s quest is found in the middle of Level 8 – Telescope Towers. Masker Mind - Villain Review SSThrough a rainbow swirled door, you’ll find his quest where all you have to do is talk to the quest giver. There is no challenge to face in evolving Masker Mind. Once evolved he will turn a teal green color which I think is uglier than his normal purple coloring. His main projectile attack is supposed keep affected enemies allies for longer, but it seems to not even stun the enemies as much as it did before he was evolved. Either way, the upgrade seems useless as it doesn’t add much damage to the attack either. The other upgrade applies damage to Masker Mind’s secondary attack that pushes away enemies. It adds a decent amount of damage to everyone in the radius of the attack, so this becomes Masker Mind’s best attack, and is really the only reason to use him. Once evolved his active time is also supposed to get longer, but even evolved Masker Mind does not stay active for very long. Many other better villains stay active longer.

Overall, Masker Mind seems like a villain that is just there to fill a roster. His ability to turn enemies into allies is either broken or just doesn’t do what you want it to do. His quest doesn’t offer a challenge so evolving him is easy. It’s worth doing just to improve Masker Mind’s push blast attack which is his only useful attack. However, even with a useful attack, he’s still not very powerful. You might think that a weaker enemy would have a longer active time, but that’s not the case with Masker Mind. His active time feels like one of the quickest. In the end, you’ll find that you’ll try him once or twice, and then it’s back to the vault for Masker Mind.

SkylanderNutts gives Masker Mind…

4.5 out of 10

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