SuperChargers Takes Skylanders Online

GamesCom 2015Last week at Gamescom 2015 we got some interesting new Skylanders news about the new SuperChargers game. The biggest and most interesting news was something that we’ve been asking about for a while. Skylanders SuperChargers will feature online co-op gameplay for the first time. You and a friend online will now be able to tackle the adventure together. But that’s not all. SuperChargers will have a large focus on vehicle racing as well. There will be an all new Racing Mode featured in the game which will have different Land, Sea and Sky environments. Six dynamic tracks will come with the game two for each of the different environments. It sounds like the racing will have similarities to Mario Kart in terms of vehicular racing combat, short cuts, and speed boosts but it will all have that familiar Skylander feel to them. Players can also race online in this mode with up to four people online or race on the couch in split screen.

SuperChargers Takes Skylanders Online SSActivision also announced three Racing Packs that will be coming during the SuperChargers release. Each racing pack will focus on one of the three car types, Land, Sea, and Sky. They will come with one vehicle and one SuperCharger Skylander and a villain trophy. The villain trophy will open up new tracks, new modes and new challenges. You’ll also be able to face 12 villains across the 3 packs where you will gain access to the villains signature vehicle and attacks once you defeat them. It sounds a lot like the Adventure Packs in the past, and we wonder will these racing packs replace those Adventure Packs, or might there be more story level add-ons planned in the future as well?

It sounds like we will be playing a very different Skylanders game this year, and we will be playing it Online! We can’t wait! Check out the official Skylanders SuperChargers overview trailer from Gamescom 2015 below.

Skylanders SuperChargers Overview

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