Fisticuffs – Villain Review

Fisticuffs – Villain Review

Fisticuffs - Villain ReviewFisticuffs was a mystery element villain that can be captured near the end of Level 10 – Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink in Skylanders Trap Team. Once you use one of the Dark or Light expansion packs in the game, you will update the game to know about the Light and Dark elements. Fisticuffs then becomes a Dark element villain and you will need to capture him in one of the Dark traps. He’s another one of those strange villains that don’t really match there element type. When you first see Fisticuffs and his large mechanical fist extend far from his body, you would swear that he would be a Tech element villain. I guess things arn’t always as they seem. In fact, some would say that Fisticuffs speaks softly and caries a big fist. But speaking isn’t his strong suit, pounding enemies into the ground with his monster sized fist is.

Fisticuffs main attack is his Big Fist attack. By pressing attack 1 he will shoot out his big mechanical fist which has quite a long reach. It’s another ranged melee attack. It will do a good deal of damage if it connects with it’s target, but it seems to only do damage to one or two enemies at a time. Even if all the enemies are lined up in front of him, the fist doesn’t seem to slam through all of them. The attack is also in a straight line, so it’s easy to miss a distant target that you are aiming for. His other attack though is much more powerful and useful. By pressing attack 2 you will launch his fist straight up in the air which will then slam down on the enemies below causing some serious area of effect damage. By holding attack 2 you can actually aim where the fist lands. It’s slow to move, but the damage dealt is worth the wait. This attack is similar to attacks from some older Skylanders like Bouncer, Zook, or Spy Rise, but it does much more damage when Fisticuffs does it. Of course both attacks can do even more damage once you evolve Fisticuffs.Fisticuffs - Villain Review SS

Fisticuffs is one of the few villains which you will actually find his quest before you even see the villain. His quest is in the middle of Level 7 – Monster Marsh, but you won’t capture Fisticuffs until the end of Level 10 – Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink. If you play the game without either the Dark or Light expansion pack, then you won’t be able to capture him anyway, but if you do have the expansion packs and trap him in a Dark Trap then you will need to go back and play Monster Marsh to evolve him. His quest does not involve a challenge so just showing up with Fisticuffs is enough to get evolved. Once evolved he will change to a light blue wood color, and both of his attacks will do more damage.

Overall, Fisticuffs is a rather simple villain. He has a big fist and he uses it to punch. His Big Fist attack does decent damage though only against enemies right in front of you and his Big Fist Air Attack does massive damage to anyone nearby when it slams into the ground. He’s not a fast moving villain, so you can probably get similar damage from another villain who can move better. However, his active time is pretty long, so keeping him around for large battles is still a good idea. You can swap him in the large battles and easily deal a bunch of damage with the Big Fist Air attack. He might not be the flashiest villain, and he doesn’t have much personality, but he will be one villain you will want to keep nearby.

SkylanderNutts gives Fisticuffs…

7.5 out of 10

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