Cuckoo Clocker – Villain Review

Cuckoo Clocker – Villain Review

Cuckoo Clocker - Villain ReviewCuckoo Clocker is a Life trappable villain that you will be able to capture in the fourth level – Phoenix Psanctuary of Skylanders Trap Team. Many fear this big brutish bird because of his powerful roar and even more powerful smash attack. He is cuckoo for clobbering! But did you know Cuckoo Clocker can sing? Well, he seems to think he can. Once you find his quest in Phoenix Psanctuary you will be able to judge for yourself.

Cuckoo Clocker is big dangerous looking bird. You even fight him at the end of an arena battle. But he is still not a Doom Raider, so you will only get two abilities with him. His first ability is a two-handed overhead smash. It’s very powerful when it lands. Once he is evolved this attack does even more damage and affects a small area around the impact. However, we found that because his arms are so long, he often smashes the ground beyond his enemies, thereby missing the enemies. Even the evolved extended area of effect doesn’t seem to hit the enemies who are directly in front of and touching Cuckoo Clocker. So you’ll want to keep a little bit of distance between him and the enemies you are trying to strike. He second ability is a sonic shriek that freezes enemies in front of Cuckoo Clocker. It’s supposed to also damage the enemies, but we don’t ever see the enemies taking damage from this attack. Enemies don’t stay frozen for long, but if you are quick enough, you should be able to land the overhead smash which should be more than enough to eliminate those enemies. His attacks are not the easiest to use, but when used correctly they can provide some serious damage.

Cuckoo Clocker -Villain Review SSYou’ll find Cuckoo Clocker’s quest on the same level you capture him on: Level 4 – Pheonix Psanctuary. Unfortunately you’ll need to play through the level a second time, because you don’t actually catch Cuckoo Clocker until the arena battle at the end of the level. The quest is very easy to find though. As soon as you enter the temple using the key that Flynn and Callie are waiting for you to find, you’ll find his quest off to the right. Just look for Da Pinchy. It’s another passive quest. You just have to watch and listen to Cuckoo Clocker sing for a minute. If you can survive that, then he will be evolved. Once evolved, his overhead smash does more damage and adds a small area effect to the damage radius. His shriek is supposed to do more damage, but we couldn’t notice the enemies ever taking damage from the shriek. His active time isn’t as long as some of the character’s we’ve seen, but it’s probably average in length. Once you get used to the range of his overhead smash, the freeze and smash attack can be a very good 1-2 punch.

Overall, Cuckoo Clocker isn’t a bad villain to use, but he’s definitely not the easiest. There are several other villains I would probably grab first like Buzzer Beak or even the Chompy Mage. With some practice his overhead smash attack can be quite devastating so keep this guy in a trap nearby. If you are tackling a level with only villains, he may not be the first villain you choose, but he’s probably going to be on your roster somewhere.

SkylanderNutts gives Cuckoo Clocker…

7.5 out of 10

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