Tussle Sprout – Villain Review

Tussle Sprout – Villain Review

Tussle Sprout - Villain ReviewTussle Sprout is an Earth trappable villain that you will be able to capture on the second level – Know-It-All-Island of Skylanders Trap Team. Because he is green and technically a vegetable, you might think that he is a Life element villain. However, since he grows out of the ground he is actually an Earth element villain. He looks like a Brussels sprout, but he’s even more dangerous than a Brussels sprout. He’s also harder to eat since he releases both poison gas and poison spores.

Tussle Sprout is one of your average villains, so he only has two abilities to talk about. His main attack is a gas cloud that poisons enemies. The cloud has a small area of effect around Tussle Sprout when he releases the gas. Any enemy that touches the gas suffers a decent amount of damage. Most enemies will also become poisoned and will suffer a little bit of additional damage over time. This may give him a slight edge over other villains with similar attacks and damage. His second attack is a poison spore. He tosses a spore up in the air where he stands, and when it hits the ground it creates a poison puddle. He can throw many of these in a row causing several puddles to be on the ground. Any enemy that touches these puddles will suffer some significant damage every couple of seconds they are in the puddle. It’s more powerful than the poison cloud and the puddles remain on the ground for quite a while. This makes it a pretty good attack to use to set up some traps for those enemies that follow you. It made quick work of the slow moving Shrednaught when he rolled into the puddle. It’s not the easiest of attacks to use, but if you like to take the time to plan out these puddle traps, it’s pretty nice to sit back and watch enemies walking to their doom while following Tussle Sprout.

You’ll find Tussle Sprout’s quest on level 4 – Phoenix Psanctuary. It’s a little tricky to find and can easily be missed.Tussle Sprout - Villain Review SS You will come to a bridge blocked by two of the blocker birds. Once you draw them out by placing a nut in the bowl, you will want to jump off the left side of the bridge. This will drop you down to Down Feather Wash where you will see Arbo and a Villain Stash on an unreachable island. Arbo’s quest is nothing more than bringing him Tussle Sprout and once you do, Tussle Sprout will cause a really creepy leaf bridge to appear full of hungry looking Tussle Sprouts. Once the quest is complete, Tussle Sprout will evolve and turn purple. Once evolved both of his attacks will have a larger radius and do more damage. His active time also increases. You’ll find that you’ll be able to play with him a little longer than average but there seem to be other villains that stay active longer. When his time is almost up, you’ll want to throw as many poison puddles as you can because they will remain active even when Tussle Sprout goes back into his trap.

Unfortunately Tussle Sprout much like your typical veggie. He can be good with a little butter or salt, but you’ll probably only want to use him once in a while or when he’s all you got. He’s not very exciting, but he’ll get the job done. Those who like to sabotage or play with traps may like using him more, and he may be more fun to use in co-op. You can do some good damage by using well placed puddles and running away. Assuming you will probably have caught some other villains by the time you find Tussle Sprout’s quest, you will probably already have another villain that offers a little more.

SkylanderNutts gives Tussle Sprout…

6.0 out of 10

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