Buzzer Beak – Villain

buzzer beak
"See what the Buzz is all about!"

What he lacks in size, Buzzer Beak more than makes up for in courage, helicopter blades, and a good dive bomb attack.

Buzzer Beak is a new Air trappable villain character for Skylanders Trap Team. Buzzer Beak can be trapped in an Air Crystal Trap and then be used as part of your Skylanders team. Buzzer Beak is not a purchasable figure.

Buzzer Beak Video Review

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All Attacks
Attack 1Press Attack 1 to grow and spin the blades on Buzzer Beak's hat, damaging nearby enemies.
Attack 2Press Attack 2 to lift Buzzer Beak off the ground, creating a vortex that draws in enemies.
Evolved Upgrades
Attack 1Blades increase in size.
Attack 2Buzzer Beak dive bombs the ground to damage enemies at end of attack.


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