Buzzer Beak – Villain Review

Buzzer Beak – Villain Review

Buzzer Beak - Villain ReviewBuzzer Beak is an Air trappable villain that you will be able to capture on the second level – Know-It-All-Island of Skylanders Trap Team. Buzzer beak may be small, but what he lacks in size, he more than makes up for in courage, helicopter blade, and a good dive bomb attack. In fact, once evolved, his Dive Bomb attack is extremely powerful. If you haven’t given Buzzer Beak much attention, you may want to give him a look and see what the buzz is all about.

Buzzer Beak has two abilities to choose from. Both are pretty good attacks, but both are very similar in terms of ease of execution and area of damage effect. However one is much more powerful, which means it’s probably the only attack you’ll ever use. Buzzer Beak’s first attack is his Helicopter Blades. Pressing the Attack 1 button will cause Buzzer Beak to jump up and spin his blades around. This will damage any enemy in the nearby radius. It’s a decent attack and it can hit multiple enemies multiple times. It is pretty useful until he evolves. His other attack is a spinning vortex which will draw in nearby enemies. That too is pretty cool, but once he evolves, it turns into a Dive Bomb attack which is extremely powerful. Buzzer Beak jumps into the air and then dives into the ground causing major damage to any nearby enemy. Any small and medium enemies will not be able to survive the attack. The area of effect is almost as large as his blades, maybe just a bit smaller. He only needs to wait a second or two after slamming down into the ground before he can jump up and do it again. So there really isn’t any need to use his Blades attack once he evolves.

You’ll find Buzzer Beak’s quest on level 4 – Phoenix Psantuary. It’s not very hard to find and it should be the first quest you hit on the level. Buzzer Beak - Villain ReviewHis quest is a very simple one. There isn’t even much story to have to listen to. Basically you just show up and he evolves. Once evolved his blue feathers will turn green. Since he’s not very big, it’s kind of hard to notice this. His Helicopter Blades will increase in size, and his spinning vortex attack turns into a devastatingly powerful Dive Bomb attack. His active time is also very long. It seems like he stays evolved much longer than most other villains. This will give you plenty of time to use him in those tough fights. A few Dive Bombs will take out almost any enemy.

I must admit, I never used Buzzer Beak much. He didn’t seem very exciting and I’m not sure I ever noticed how much damage he did when he was evolved. That was probably a mistake. His evolved active time and his Dive Bomb attack make him one of the strongest and best villains to use early in the game. Even the Chompy Mage can’t really match Buzzer Beaks power or radius of effect. Having both ready to go in a trap will surly help you through any level you may have trouble with. Don’t make the same mistake I did and overlook this villain. Get him evolved, and get him in the game. You won’t be sorry.

SkylanderNutts gives Buzzer Beak…

8.5 out of 10

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