Broccoli Guy – Villain Review

Broccoli Guy – Villain Review

Broccoli Guy - Villain ReviewBroccoli Guy is a Life trappable villain that you will be able to capture in the third level – Chompy Mountain of Skylanders Trap Team. He is a good villain to have stored in a trap because he heals his friends and hurts his enemies. Even though Broccoli Guy is a Life element villain, he uses his powerful magic for both attacking and healing. His healing power alone is worth keeping him close by, but you may also want to use him just to hear some of his wit and personality. He can be evolved once you find his quest on the fifth level – The Phoenix Psanctuary.

Broccoli Guy is not a Doom Raider so you will only get two abilities with him. In fact one of his abilities, isn’t even an attack. His secondary ability will create a healing zone that will heal any Skylander who stands inside of it. This reduces his potential for taking down some tough enemies, but it doesn’t mean he’s not useful. He can be swapped in quickly to drop a heal zone before he is switched back out. This can easily prolong your Skylander’s time in the level. His main attack is a set of magical projectiles that swirls around  the point where they are launched and then they collapse in on that point  damaging anyone inside of it’s radius. It’s hard to miss with the attack as long as someone is inside the swirling radius. In fact it can hit multiple enemies inside the radius so it can be pretty useful against groups of enemies. Broccoli Guy is probably best used as a supporting character in co-op,  but even in single player he can be useful even if it’s just to heal a Skylander he is replacing.

You’ll find Broccoli Guy’s quest on level 5 – Chef Zeppelin. It’s a little tricky to find. After the first set of laser puzzles you’ll go down a ramp and jump over some spinning kabobs. Once past the kabobs the path will go right, however, there is no railing on the left so you will want to drop off that ledge. Broccoli Guy - Villain ReviewA lock puzzle door, will need solved before you go inside and find his quest. His quest is not a challenge. Just by showing up and watching a little story sequence you will become evolved. Once evolved, he will turn white and his attack will do more damage. His healing zone will also be enhanced by adding a piece of food to the middle of it. His active time is also increased, and he has one of the longer active times that I’ve seen. That might be irrelevant if you are only using him in single player to throw healing zones for an injured Skylander, but in co-op mode where you want to provide support, it can be quite useful to last for so long.

Overall, Broccoli Guy isn’t going to take down many of the tougher enemies by himself, but his healing power can be a big help. His longer active time can also help absorb some damage and get through a tougher sequence by giving a tired Skylander time to rest and get to a quieter section to heal. You’ll definitely want to keep him permanently in a trap ready to go for any level. His healing power is just too useful. He is also rather funny and has some good banter when on the portal, so he really is one of the better villains to use.

SkylanderNutts gives Broccoli Guy…

8.0 out of 10

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