Slobber Trap – Villain Review

Slobber Trap – Villain Review

Slobber Trap - Villain ReviewSlobber Trap is a Water trappable villain that you will be able to capture in the second level – Know-It-All-Island. Slobber Trap looks a lot like Slobber Tooth and perhaps is a distant cousin. He’s a just your average plant monster dog, but his belly flops and slobber can be lethal. He’s not too old for new tricks though. Once captured he can be re-trained to fight for good. Find his quest on the same level you capture him on and you’ll unlock the full power of Slobber Trap.

Slobber Trap is just a normal villain, so he only has two basic attacks. His main attack is his Belly Flop where Slobber Trap jumps in the air and then slams down on his belly on his ground. The attack not only damages the enemies that he lands on, but also some of the nearby enemies as well. It’s a mildly powerful attack that can be a little bit useful right when you catch him, but it won’t be long until you catch villains with more powerful attacks. His secondary attack is his Slobber Trail. Slobber Trap can lick the ground and leave a trail of slobber in his wake. This slobber will damage and slowdown any enemies that pass through it. It’s pretty slow to put down, and it can be hard at times to get the enemies to walk through it. It’s better suited to a co-op situation where one player can set the trap and the other player can fight and then bring the enemies towards the slobber.

You’ll find Slobber Trap’s quest in level 2 – Know-It-All-Island. It’s actually just a couple of bridges before you catch him, so it’s very easy to go back and complete his quest right after you catch him. Slobber Trap - Villain Review SSHis quest is one of the simple “show up and evolve” quests. That’s sure to please some fans while others like me, would rather see a challenge or something to do for a quest. Once he is evolved his belly will turn from green to yellow and his tongue will turn purple.  His attacks will become more powerful, his Belly Flop will cover more area, and his Slobber Trail will last longer and slow down enemies more. His active time is also increased a little and it feels like it lasts a little longer than average.

Overall, Slobber Trap is not too exciting. He is somewhat slow, but fans of Slobber Tooth will sure to like him a little. He lacks some bite, but can still deal decent area damage with his Belly Flop. He might be useful for a level or two, but he will soon be overshadowed by more powerful and interesting villains. He is rather funny, and has a good personality and some people will want to use him just for that reason.

SkylanderNutts gives Slobber Trap…

5.0 out of 10

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