Wave 4 Swap Force Skylanders Starting to be Released

Wave 4 Swap Force Skylanders ReleasedIt looks like Wave 4 Swap Force Skylanders are starting to show up in stores. At least they are starting to show up at Toys R Us. We were at our local Toys R Us this morning and ran into both Trap Shadow and Freeze Blade. These were the only two we could find. A quick look at most of the major retailer websites, does not yield any results for these characters. So for now it looks like these are only at Toys R Us. Like many of the characters before, these tend to show up first at Toys R Us by a couple of weeks, before they make their way to other major retailers. So if you have been patiently waiting for a new Skylander to buy, give your local Toys R Us a call. Stay tuned here for some unboxing videos of these new characters.

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