The Gulper – Villain Review

Gulper - Villain ReviewThe Gulper – Villain Review

The Gulper is a Water trappable villain that you will be able to capture at the end of the first level – Soda Springs. He is the first Doom Raider villain you will be able to catch. From an early age, The Gulper had an enormous appetite and insatiable thirst for anything he could stuff in his mouth. At a young age, he won first place in the annual Deep-Fried-Triple-Cheeseburger eating contest and has worn the Crown of Gluttony every since. However, it is his love for soda which causes him to grow to colossal proportions and go on rampages. This caught the eye of the Golden Queen. The Golden Queen was looking to recruit someone who was incredibly dim-witted so that if they were ever captured, the Skylanders would not be able to extract any useful information. The Gulper fit that description perfectly.

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