The Gulper – Villain

The Gulper
"His gulp is worse than his bite."

From the moment he oozed from the ceiling of the Gelatinous Caverns, the Gulper had possessed an enormous appetite and insatiable thirst for anything and everything he could stuff in his mouth. At a young age, he won first place in the annual Deep-Fried Triple-Cheeseburger eating contest – and has proudly worn the Crown of Gluttony ever since. But it was his particular affinity for soda, which causes him to grow to colossal proportions and go on rampages, that first caught the eye of the Golden Queen. She was looking for special types of people – or creatures – to join her Doom Raider gang that was bent on unleashing total mayhem. It was also her desire to recruit someone who was incredibly dim-witted, so that if they were ever captured, the Skylanders would not be able to extract any useful information. The Gulper fit these requirements to a tee!

After escaping from Cloudcracker Prison, the Gulper made his way to Soda Springs where he began consuming the soda that were made by the Mabu for the soda festival. The more soda the Gulper drank, the bigger he became, allowing him to rampage through the village. Eventually the Skylanders and the Trap Masters arrived and stopped the Gulper by tricking him into drinking a vat full of bottom-feeding, eel-flavored soda. This caused him to shrink down to his normal size, allowing the Skylanders to either trap the Gulper or send him to the Villain Vault.

The Gulper is a new trappable villain in Skylanders Trap Team. He is a Water element villain in Soda Springs which means he will need to be trapped with a Water Trap.

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Meet the Villains: The Gulper


All Attacks
Attack 1Press Attack 1 to thrust trident. Trident Picks up smaller targets and tosses them over The Gulper's head.
Attack 2Press Attack 2 for a bite attack that hits multiple enemies.
Attack 3Press Attack 3 to slide and leave a slime trail in The Gulper's wake. Hold Attack 3 to charge up the attack and increase distance traveled.
Evolved Upgrades
Attack 1Attack does more damage.
Attack 2Bite does more damage and swallows smaller enemies.
Attack 3Slide goes farther and does more damage.


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