Nitro Freeze Blade Release Date

Nitro Freeze Blade Release DateThanks to it looks like the Nitro Freeze Blade release date will be March 23rd, 2014. It appears that Target will continue to be the “exclusive” provider of the “Nitro” variant characters. Just like Nitro Magna Charge, a product page found on here, holds the “Only at Target” symbol on it. (If that link is dead then look at the pic I captured here!) The page also reveals the release date for the character to be 3/23/2014. Compare this to the earlier leaked information by Best Buy, and it looks like we are starting to get a picture of when the 4th wave of characters will probably be released. This is the earliest release date so far so it looks like wave 4 should be in full force by the end of March. Remember this is a listing only for the special variant Nitro Freeze Blade, I expect the regular Freeze Blade to be available in Wave 4 at all retailers.


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