Dreamcatcher – Villain Review

Dreamcatcher - Villain ReviewDreamcatcher – Villain Review

Dreamcatcher is an Air trappable villain that you will be able to capture at the end of the eighth level – Telescope Towers. The Dreamcatcher is another one of the Doom Raiders who you will be able to trap if you have an Air Trap. Cloudcracker Prison wasn’t the first prison she ever broke out of. She also escaped the Lucid Lockdown from within the Realm of Dreams. She even broke out of the dream realm itself. She has the power to read your mind and to bring your worst nightmares to life. She has driven entire villages mad just for the fun of it. It was this playfully evil nature which attracted the Golden Queen to her. The Golden Queen needed a psychic for her evil schemes and for some relationship advice. The Dreamcatcher loved to gossip as much as coming up with a cunning plans so she gladly joined the Doom Raiders. However, due to her mischievous nature, the Golden Queen has not quite trusted her relationship advice.

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