Giants 50 Piece Mystery Puzzles

Giants 50 Piece Mystery Puzzle Set 1In late 2012, Mega Puzzles released Set 1 of Skylanders Giants 50 Piece Mystery Puzzles. Each box contained 1 random mystery puzzle of a Skylanders character. Set 1 contained Ignitor, Cynder,Giants Puzzle 50 piece mystery puzzle set 2 Double Trouble, Drill Sergeant, Sonic Boom, and Spyro (w/ Trigger Happy and Gill Grunt). Later they released a second set of puzzles which included Bash, Chop Chop, Eruptor, Gill Grunt, Stealth Elf, Trigger Happy, Whirlwind and Wrecking Ball. Mega Puzzles released several other Skylanders Giants puzzles but all other variants (80 piece, 100 piece, 150 piece, etc…) show what picture you are getting so I only consider the mystery puzzles as collectibles.

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