Drill Sergeant

Drill Sergeant
"Licensed to Drill!"

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Like many Arkeyan artifacts, Drill Sergeant was buried for centuries – a long forgotten remnant of an ancient powerful civilization. It was only a chance collision with a burrowing Terrafin that led to his systems firing up again. By Arkeyan custom, he was then obligated to become Terrafin’s servant. This didn’t sit well with the dirt shark, so his first order as master was for Drill Sergeant to not serve him at all… a command he continues to follow zealously to this day.

Drill Sergeant is a Tech element Skylander debuting in Spyro's Adventure. He has one other variant: Drill Sergeant Series 2 (Giants).

He was released with the Wave 3 figures for Skylanders Spyro's Adventure. He can be found in an individual pack or as part of a triple pack with Whirlwind and Double Trouble.

Meet Drill Sergeant


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack: 80  Max Health290
Defense:80  Speed43
Speed: 60  Armor12
Luck:30  Critical Hit30
  Elemental Power46


All Attacks
Drill RocketPress Attack 1 to shoot homing rockets that chase down enemies for massive damage.Free
Bulldoze ChargeHold Attack 2 to have Drill Sergeant dash forward and barrel over enemies.Free
A Speedy RecoveryDrill Rockets reload quicker and do increased damage.500 Gold
Dozer EnduranceBulldoze Charge lasts longer.700 Gold
Power ChargeBulldoze Charge does increased damage.900 Gold
Auto-BlasterPress Attack 3 to activate your Auto-Blaster.1200 Gold
Battledozer Path
A View To A DrillDrill Rockets do even MORE increased damage.1700 Gold
DX3000-Drill DetonatorDrill Rockets explosions are bigger and can damage multiple enemies.2200 Gold
MIRV Drill RocketsDrill Rockets burst into smaller rockets. Prerequisite: A View To A Drill3000 Gold
Megadozer Path
Speed Dozer BoostMove faster during a Bulldoze Charge.1700 Gold
Hail StormYour Auto-Blaster fires much faster and never runs out of power. Prerequisite: Auto-Blaster2200 Gold
Mega DozerBulldoze Charge does extra damage and can charge through some attacks.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Arkeyan ArmorNew armor makes Drill Sergeant harder to hit.4000 Gold


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