"Volts and Lightning!"

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While just an egg, Cynder was stolen by the henchmen of an evil dragon named Malefor and raised to do his bidding. For years, she spread fear throughout the land until she was defeated by Spyro the Dragon and freed from the grip of Malefor. But dark powers still flow through her, and despite her desire to make amends for her past, most Skylanders try to keep a safe distance...just in case.

Cynder is an Undead element Skylander debuting in Skylanders Spyro's Adventure. She has two other variants, appearing in each of the first threegames: Cynder Series 2 (Giants) and Phantom Cynder (Swap Force).

She was released as an individual character in Wave 3 of Skylanders Spyro's Adventure. But she later was released in a triple pack with Lightning Rod and Zook in Wave 4.

Meet Cynder


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack: 55  Max Health260
Defense:75  Speed43
Speed: 85  Armor18
Luck:45  Critical Hit30
  Elemental Power39


All Attacks
Spectral LightningPress and hold Attack 1 to shock enemies with bolts of lightning.Free
Shadow DashPress Attack 2 to dash forward in shadow mode, leaving ghostly allies in Cynder's wake.Free
Cynder FlightPress Attack 3 to fly. Increased speed and resistance while flying.500 Gold
Black LightningSpectral Lightning does increased damage.700 Gold
Double Spooky!Ghosts do increased damage.900 Gold
Shadow ReachShadow Dash Range is increased.1200 Gold
Nether Welder Path
Unstable ForcesHitting a ghost with Spectral Lightning makes it explode, damaging enemies around.1700 Gold
Breath ControlSpectral Lightning hold duration is increased.2200 Gold
Breath of PowerSpectral Lightning damages enemies in a larger area.3000 Gold
Shadow Dancer Path
Death BoundEnemies hit by ghosts move slower.1700 Gold
Ghost HaunterGhosts last longer, have a greater attack range, and do even more damage.2200 Gold
Shadow StrikeShadow Dash deals damage to enemies.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Haunted AllyA ghost ally travels with you and damages nearby enemies.4000 Gold


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