Skylanders Imaginators Wave 5 Unboxing

Today we unbox the last three characters in our Skylanders Imaginators Wave 5 Unboxing. I got tired of waiting for Ro-Bow and the Lost Imaginite Mines to be released in the US and instead got a friend of mine to send it from Germany. It only cost around $10 extra to ship so it seemed like a good investment since we are even sure if it will ever come out in the US. Also, we remember that Thrillpede never got a US release last year so there is always a chance that could happen again. So now we can finally complete our collection and play the last add-on level for Skylanders Imaginators, the Lost Imaginite Mines.

Skylanders Imaginators Wave 5 Unboxing

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3 thoughts on “Skylanders Imaginators Wave 5 Unboxing”

    • Hi Marie. You can find Ro-Bow from European stores and import it to the US. used to have them at the “normal” price but now it looks like Ro-Bow might be hard to find in Europe as the price has jumped up to almost £40! I have also imported games from but I do not know if they sell Skylanders. You might also try, but you will have to find an auction where the user is willing to ship internationally.


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