"Compute and Shoot!"

There is no record of the person who originally built Ro-Bow. By the time his basic systems were fully online, his creator was nowhere to be found. Ro-Bow searched far and wide, but since his programming was incomplete, he was unable to communicate with anyone. Eventually he stumbled upon the remains of an old lair that had been built by Kaos, and discovered a strange device inside the Matter Refactoring Room. Ro-Bow was able to access the device and download a staggering amount of information from it, which gave him the ability to speak, albeit in a slightly strange language, as well as shoot driller arrows with pinpoint accuracy. He also acquired a lot of details about Kaos himself. Even though Ro-Bow's past was a mystety, his future became quite clear - his new prime directive was to seek out Master Eon and help fight evil. With this incredible archery knowledge and skills, there could be no better trainer for the Bowslinger Class, so Eon made him a Sensei on the spot.

Ro-Bow is a new Tech element Sensei Skylander for Skylanders Imaginators. He will teach those who seek knowledge of the Bowslinger Battle Class.


    Card StatsMax of 350
In Game Starting Stats
Attack:300  Attack:20
Defense: 160  Defense:4
Speed:190  Speed:28
Luck:300  Luck:6

All Attacks
Archer ComboPress Attack 1 to shoot. Press Attack 1, Attack 3, Attack 1 for an Archer Combo Finisher. Basic arrow shots also carry enemies with them.Free
Whirling Destruct-O-MaticPress Attack 2 to roll out. Hold Attack 2 to increase the duration of the roll.Free
Reinforced ArrowsArrows now explode.500 Gold
Deconstruction LaserPress Attack 3 to fire a laser. Enemies hit by this attack take increased damage.700 Gold
Whirling Destruct-O-Matic V2Increases max duration, damage, and speed in this mode.900 Gold
Havoc OrbJump and press Attack 1 to fire arrows everywhere.1200 Gold
Archery Mastery Path
Charged ShotHold Attack 1 to fire a charged arrow that deals heavy damage.1700 Gold
Improved ArcheryArrow attacks deal increased damage.2200 Gold
Archer CombosPress Attack 1, Attack 3 twice to create a storm of arrows. Press Attack 1, Attack 3, Attack 2 to auto fire arrows from both hands.3000 Gold
Tech Mastery Path
Enhanced Deconstruction LaserHold Attack 3 to charge the laser.1700 Gold
Whirling Destruct-O-Matic V3Whirling Destruct-o-matic v3 damage increases and it deals area damage at the end of the move based on the number of enemies hit.2200 Gold
Mechanical ObeliskPress Attack 3 to fire the charged laser or hold Attack 3 to transform into a turret that fires a beam that slows and damages enemies.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Ro-Bow RampagePress Attack 3 in the air to launch a barrage of lasers, missiles, and arrows on enemies.4000 Gold
Sky-Chi Ability
Ctrl-Alt-DefeatHold Special Attack to perform your Sky-Chi Power and drill through your enemies! Use Left Stick to move around!N/A








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