Skylanders Battlecast Card Battle Game Announced

Skylanders Battlecast Collectible Card GameToday Activision announced a brand new deck building game that will mix the typical physical card collecting, card battle game with the ability to take the cards online and bring them to life for digital competition on mobile devices. It sounds like a mixture of the Pokemon Card Game with the typical wonder of being able to bring your Skylanders to life in a digital form. The game will be free to play from the Apple, Google, and Amazon Skylanders Battlecast Collectible Card Game cardsapp stores however, the existence of physical cards indicates that there will be plenty of cards to buy or upgrade. There is no word yet on how the gameplay will work, but I’m sure we’ll learn more before this game hits in 2016.

We’re huge collectors and this is right up our ally, so expect more details and coverage when we get it. For now check out the announcement trailer for the Skylanders Battlecast Card Battle game below.


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