Bomb Shell – Villain Review

Bomb Shell – Villain Review

Bomb Shell - Villain Review Bomb Shell is a Magic element villain that you will find spinning around on the decks of Level 5 – Chef Zeppelin. Even though he could easily be a fire, or earth type, it’s Bomb Shell’s ability to conjure up magical bombs that defines his Magic element. That reminds me: Did you hear the one about the tortoise and the bomb? No? I don’t know why not? He was famous! He was a real Shellebrity! Unfortunately I don’t think Bomb Shell is going to be a Shellebrity any time soon. The combination of bombs and a turtle might sound like a popular combination, but Bomb Shell is just a little too mediocre to become famous.

Bomb Shell is just a regular villain which you capture on Level 5 – Chef Zeppelin. This means that he is only afforded two attack slots. The first is used on exactly what you would expect from having fought Bomb Shell on many of the Skylander Levels: he throws bombs. It’s very similar to using Blast Zone from Skylanders Swap Force, but he’s not as quick to throw the bombs as Blast Zone is. The bombs however can do significant damage especially once evolved. His second attack sounds like it could be useful. By pressing Attack 2 he can do a spin and dash attack. This attack knocks back enemies as Bomb Shell spins through them. Unfortunately this does very little damage. It’s only going to be effective against the smallest of enemies. For larger enemies it’s best used as a quick way of retreat, which will allow Bomb Shell more time to throw his much better bombs. Eventually after trying the spin attack a few times, you will end up going back to the normal bomb attack. This makes Bomb Shell very one dimensional and pretty boring. Luckily his active time is fairly long which gives you more time to use him if you want to. It also means he can take more of a beating so there is some value in switching to him in a tough situation just to buy yourself some time to retreat back to a better position.

Bomb Shell does have a quest that presents an actual challenge though, so if you like doing the challenges he is one villain you will want to evolve. Bomb Shell Review SSHowever, you’ll have to wait a while to do it. You won’t actually find his quest until the beginning of Level 9 – Mystic Mill. As soon as you are done with the fly by shooting mission at the beginning of the level, you will land and disembark.  If you turn back around and talk to the captain of the ship again, he will give you Bomb Shell’s quest. You will need to walk around a maze level, collecting explosives and planting them in specific places. It’s not a hard mission, there are plenty of explosives to find, and it seemed like more than enough places to put them. You shouldn’t really get lost during this challenge. The end result will be that Bomb Shell will evolve and turn from a typical turtle shell brown to a more reddish brown. It’s not a very noticeable change, and is therefore not very exciting. Once evolved he will be able to throw his bombs faster and they will cause extra damage. His spin attack will have more bombs surrounding him and they too will do more damage. Unfortunately the damage is still very insignificant so it’s an unimportant change to that attack. The only real positive from evolving him is that his active time will improve even more, allowing him to take more damage and last longer should you want to use him.

Overall, Bomb Shell is just another throw away villain. You’ll catch him, use him once, and if you remember you might even try to evolve him. You might get some use and entertainment out of his bomb attack, but by the time you evolve him, you’ll be halfway through the game and should have some much better villains in your vault ready to fight. If you need more challenges then you can always evolve him as his quest does include an actual challenge, but even that isn’t very exciting or hard. His best use might be as a punching bag since his active time is pretty long and will allow for you to soak up the damage from tough bosses or buy you some time to get out of a dangerous situation. We prefer just to leave him in the vault.

SkylanderNutts gives Bomb Shell…

5.5 out of 10

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