Brawl & Chain – Villain Review

Brawl & Chain – Villain Review

Brawl & Chain - Villain ReviewBrawl & Chain is the second angry walrus pirate villain that you will meet on your adventures through Skylands. The first was Brawlrus which we have previously reviewed. This angry walrus pirate though is actually a water element villain as you might expect. He does have chains for arms and sharp hooks for hands so he too could technically qualify to be a Tech villain. But I guess you can’t have almost the same character in the exact same element, that would be too noticeable. You know what they say: No chains, no pain so I guess he does make a good villain with his chain arms and all.  You can judge for yourself after you capture him on level 6 – Rainfish Riviera.

Brawl & Chain is not a Doom Raider, so he only has two attacks. His first attack is a nice spinning attack using both of his hook hands. It’s a quick melee attack that also completely surrounds Brawl & Chain hitting anyone in a nearby radius. It does good amount of damage and each hand is capable of dealing the same amount of damage. His second attack will fire a hook hand at an enemy. This pulls the smaller enemies into Brawl & Chain. It also does a little damage to the enemy. When used in combination with the spinning hook attack, it can easily dispatch most enemies. This makes Brawl & Chain a great villain to use to get rid of the middle to small sized enemies, as long as there isn’t a very large amount of them. For larger enemies or large number of enemies, you may want to use someone else for quicker disposal. That’s not to say Brawl & Chain is bad, it just may take a while longer and a few more spins to dispatch those enemies. Once he is evolved, then he will do even more damage and his spin attack will last a little longer which helps with the larger number of smaller enemies.

Brawl & Chain’s quest can be found at the very beginning of level 8 – Telescope Towers. Brawl & Chain Review SSHis quest is also an actual challenge, and I would say it’s one of the harder challenges to complete. However, it’s still not a hard challenge. You are tasked with returning some lamps to the Mabu in a maze like village. This allows the Mabu to return to their homes. There is a time limit for this challenge like in all challenges, however, this challenge features a set number of houses that you must find. In other challenges there are often more items than you need to find that are available to find, but in this case you must find them all. This means you might get lost and you do run the risk of running out of time. It also doesn’t help that Brawl & Chain is rather slow. Once you complete the quest, Brawl & Chain will evolve and change to have a blue skin color and red striped pants. It’s not much better than his original colors.

Overall, Brawl & Chain is serviceable villain. His attacks are quick and they do some good damage. He doesn’t have any devastating attack power, but the ability to pull in enemies to get sliced and diced is kind of fun. His active time once evolved is probably average, and he’s not very flashy or fast. Still, I think he’s is just a tad better than the other angry walrus: Brawlrus. I recommend you give him a try, but he probably won’t get much use after that. There are just more interesting villains that you will probably want to use more.

SkylanderNutts gives Brawl & Chain…

7.5 out of 10

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