Ka-Boom – Skylander Review

Ka-Boom - Skylander ReviewKa-Boom – Skylander Review

Ka-Boom is a new Fire Trap Master making his debut in Trap Team. Ka-Boom comes from an ancient volcanic island called Munitions Forge. He and his people were very tech savvy and used to build machinery that was used throughout the Skylands. One day, the ruthless Captain Ironbeard tried to capture Munitions Forge so he could build an unstoppable fleet of pirate warships. With Captain Ironbeard’s invasion approaching, Ka-Boom created the greatest anti-pirate weapon ever created – The Boom Cannon! (I would also guess this would be Flynn’s favorite weapon as well!) When Ironbeard and his men arrived, Ka-Boom was already at the edge of the docks with his Boom Cannon ready. It was smoldering hot having just came out of the fire. One by one, Ka-Boom sank all of the invading ships until Captain Ironbeard was forced to retreat. Now Ka-Boom is a valued member of the Trap Team and uses the Boom Cannon to blast evil!

Ka-Boom must be one of the strongest Skylanders to date. He is a big human character and is covered in huge rippling muscles. His two giant hands holds the Boom Cannon with ease. The redness of his body, the red Traptanium cannon, and a little flame coming out from the top of his head make him an unmistakable Fire Skylander.  He has almost no armor of any significance, just a leather helmet, some leather gauntlets protecting his forearms, and a pair of big boots to protect his feet. Other than that, he hardly wears clothes at all, allowing him to show off all of his massive muscles. He even has some long flowing blond hair coming out from under his helmet. He is an intimidating looking figure, and if Skylands ever gets a football team, Ka-Boom would probably be the star linebacker.

Ka-Boom’s main attack comes from his huge Traptanium Boom Cannon which fires Traptanium Cannonballs. This can be a very effective ranged attack. His second attack is called Cannon Jump Ka-Boom - Skylander Review Gameplay Picand allows him to blast the ground and leap towards the enemy leaving a big explosion. This is effectively Ka-Boom’s melee attack as it damages most of the enemies that are nearby. An upgrade leads to a third attack which is the Mortar Strike. This is a longer and stronger range attack which comes with the penalty of Ka-Boom not being able to move while executing this move. The Cannonball Runner path upgrades the Boom Cannon’s ranged attacks by adding three shots at once, and the abilities to ricochet off walls and other enemies. This is the path we chose and is featured in our video review. The other path is called Jumping Juggernaut and it will increase the Cannon Jump attacks. The Cannon Jump is Ka-Boom’s most powerful attack so if you want power, this is the path to choose. The Cannonball Runner path is pretty devastating, so I can only imagine that the Jumping Juggernaut path is probably just as devastating. It will really just depend on your play style. Finding Ka-Boom’s Soul Gem will give his Mortar Strike attack more power. Instead of Traptanium Cannonballs raining down from above, they will become fiery Traptanium Missiles which do more damage. We use this attack quite a bit, and it is definitely satisfying to wipe out a group of enemies this way.

Overall Ka-Boom is a great Fire Trap Master, at least if you like ranged gameplay. The triple ricocheting cannonballs from the Boom Cannon make Ka-Boom and excellent choice in arenas or slightly confined areas with walls. However, the cannon balls don’t do a lot of damage so enemies with high hit points may be more of a challenge and take a bit longer to take down. Ka-Boom’s slow speed and lack of armor make him susceptible to taking a lot of damage from certain enemies with heavy attacks, so he’s probably not the perfect Skylander in every situation. As long as you can keep Ka-Boom at a distance his Cannonball attack will wipe out a majority of the enemies and it will be fun to do too. The most important thing to remember about Ka-Boom is….Keep your finger out of the cannon! 🙂

SkylanderNutts gives Ka-Boom…

8.5 out of 10

Ka-Boom Video Review

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