Trap Team Mega Epic Unboxing (Wave 2)

Trap Team Mega Epic Unboxing (Wave 2)Well, we knew Wave 2 for Skylanders Trap Team would come out pretty fast after Wave 1, but I did not think it would be just two days later. Most everything was out at Toys R Us on the Tuesday after release. By Friday even Best Buy had Wave 2 items available for in store pickup. (However, the items were not on store shelves when I picked up ours). We picked up everything we could between the two stores, so here is our Mega Epic Unboxing (Wave 2) Skylanders. Hopefully we won’t have a Wave 3 any time soon, so we can get back to playing the game instead of collecting and unboxing. Hope you enjoy it, and look for more SkylanderNutts plays Trap Team videos in the future.


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