Legendary vs. Nitro Skylanders

Legendary vs. Nitro Skylanders Legendary Nightmare ExpressIt’s not much of a shock when I tell you: “Guess What? Toys R Us is going to have special ‘Legendary’ variants of Skylanders for Trap Team!” I mean they’ve been selling exclusive Legendary figures for three games now. So not much is changing for the forth Skylanders game Trap Team. However, we are getting a slight twist on the Legendary figure option. This time, Toys R Us will have at least one Legendary Adventure Pack. The Nightmare Express adventure pack will have a Legendary version which comes with a Legendary Blades Skylander. He will be coated in the typical Gold and Dark Blue. I’m not 100% sure, but judging from the picture, it looks like the magic items will also be colored in the Legendary colors. I haven’t seen regular Nightmare Express pack but I’m guessing the magic items won’t all be gold colored in the same way. Legendary vs. Nitro Skylanders Legendary Jawbreaker figureEither way, it looks like collectors are going to have to pay just a little bit more now to get the complete Legendary collection.

One other Skylander has been announced to have a Legendary version and that is Jawbreaker. One of these two legendary figures will probably be out before the other. I would guess the Adventure Pack would be held back a couple months. Typically one Legendary figure is released with each new wave of Skylanders figures, so if I had to wager, I would bet that Jawbreaker would be out first.

Legendary vs. Nitro Skylanders Nitro Krypt King FigureIn related news. Target will also be getting new Nitro variants of characters. The first announced Nitro version will be Nitro Krypt King. This character will be once again exclusive to Target in the US. No release date for the figure has been given. The Nitro variants seem to be in lesser quantities and sell out sooner than Legendary figures, so keep that in mind when you are making your purchasing decisions.

So which figures do you like better. Do you like the Blue and Gold of the Legendary figures or the flashy shiny Nitro versions from Target?

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