Gearshift Pre-Order Available Now!

Gearshift Pre-order
“All Geared Up!”

Skylander fans! A new Trap Master is available for Pre-order. Gearshift pre-orders are available now at least through and Best Buy. Check your favorite retailer to see they are offering a pre-order. You might think, why would I need to pre-order a Skylander, I’ll just pick her up when she is released? Well, it seems like they are toying with some new ideas at Activision. Gearshift is not scheduled to be released until 2015. However, if you pre-order her now, you are guaranteed to receive her on October 5th, the same day Trap Team is released. There is only a limited number of Gearshift figures that will be released for pre-order for the release of Trap Team. So if you think you want to play with this Tech Skylander sooner than later, you’ll probably want to make sure you get in on the pre-order as soon as possible.


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