Swap Force Toys Now at McDonalds

Swap Force Toys Wash Buckler McDonalds 2014
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Today is the first day Skylanders Swap Force toys are officially at McDonald’s. Our local McDonald’s only had the pictured Wash Buckler toy, but I suspect there may be other toys available at other McDonald’s. If you find a different Swap Force character at McDonald’s let us know. Each toy comes with a coupon for $10 off the purchase of a Swap Force starter pack, and a $1 off coupon off a single figure. With the Wave 4 Skylanders starting to make their way onto store shelves the $1 coupon might be a little bit useful. The Wash Buckler toy rolls and as you push it, the bottom half spins. I’m not sure if all of the swappable toys will have this feature or if it’s just Wash Buckler. We’ll let you know as we find more of the toys. One last note. Many McDonald’s today probably still have the Peabody movie toys, so be sure you specify that you want the Skylanders toy or you may find yourself getting the old toys in you happy meal. Happy hunting!

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