Trap Shadow – Bronze/Silver

Trap Shadow - Bronze/Silver
"Hide and Sleek!"

Once part of an elite tribe of hunters in a remote area of Skylands, Trap Shadow used his cat-like cunning, ingenious traps and mystical stealth abilities to catch nearly everything that could be caught. As a result, his fame around Skylands grew so much that it attracted the attention of an evil cadre of wizards. They plotted to capture Trap Shadow and use his abilities to ensnare the most uncatchable thing of all – Master Eon himself. But Trap Shadow could sense them coming from miles away. Outsmarted and outmaneuvered, each of the wizards was easily captured by Trap Shadow’s bewildering array of traps and snares until they were all locked away for good. Having saved Master Eon, he quickly made Trap Shadow a Skylander.

Trap Shadow - Bronze/Silver is a chase variant of Trap Shadow released for Skylanders Swap Force. This unique and rare character was first discovered in eBay Auctions in Europe. Apparently he just randomly appears in some shipments much like the colored variants of the past. This time though, instead of the entire character being bronze or gold or silver, this Swap Force figure has a Bronze top and a Silver bottom. Two other half and half variants have also been found. Stink Bomb - Silver/Gold and Doom Stone - Gold/Bronze. Having all three will allow you to make an all gold figure of Doom Bomb, an all silver figure of Stink Shadow, and an all bronze figure of Trap Stone.

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