Trap Team – Soda Springs (Chapter 1)

Trap Team - Soda SpringsWelcome to the first installment of SkylanderNutts plays Trap Team. In this series we just casually play through the game for the first time.

Today we play through Soda Springs (Chapter 1) of Skylanders Trap Team for the first time. Conner and Lias join me on the open mic as we start at the very beginning. We show the intro movie and then tackle level one. You’ll notice that we had to cut the scene out where we meet Sheep Creep. Unfortunately that scene caused the video to get banned worldwide thanks to Activision. So we cut it and now you can enjoy a look at the rest of the first level. We’ll try to post more levels soon, assuming we don’t have more issues with the videos getting blocked, so be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook or follow us on YouTube if you want to get the updates.

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