Stink Bomb – Character Review

Stink Bomb - Character ReviewStink Bomb  is a new Swappable Life Skylander with the Sneak ability for Skylanders Swap Force. His sneak ability allows him to unlock certain Sneak zone challenges on some of the main game levels. He is a green ninja skunk armed with throwing stars while wearing some light armor. His arms and legs have some wooden guards covered in spikes. He stands ready to throw one of his throwing stars while he has a couple more attached to his shirt . It seems pretty obvious that he will have a ranged attack in his arsenal. Overall he looks like a ninja ready for battle. Even though we already have a ninja character in Ninja Stealth Elf, Stink Bomb certainly holds his own unique look and feel.

Stink Bomb does start with a throwing star attack that can damage enemies at medium range. He also starts with a skunk cloud attack that allows him to go invisible and to damage enemies with the cloud. His upgrades are pretty much what you would expect. His throwing star attack can be upgraded to do more damage or to throw more stars at once. His Skunk Cloud can be upgraded to grow larger and to leave a trail behind as he moves. He also has the ability to add an attack that will knock back his enemies. His attacks are not too flashy or too unusual. His Skunk Cloud is about the most unique attack he has, but it is similar to Stealth Elf’s invisibility with some added damage bonus.

As a swappable character there are two different upgrade paths to choose, one for his body and one for his legs. The body paths let you focus either on adding a shield to the throwing star attack, or adding a poisoned acorn attack to knock his enemies back. We chose the Art of Skunk-Fu Path which adds the shield ability to the throwing stars attack. The throwing stars attack is our most used attack. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s ranged. The leg paths involve adding a second skunk cloud attack or adding an option to leave spike traps behind to damage enemies. Both leg paths seem to do the same thing by passively damaging enemies as they move through the traps. But overall neither leg path is extremely devastating or interesting.

Stink Bomb also has two soul gem abilities. One enhances the throwing stars to do more critical damage, and the other allows Stink Bomb to stay invisible even after attacking enemies from the Skunk Cloud. The “invisible after attacking” ability sounds cool, but he never seems to stay invisible for very long after the attack. So after a while it just feels like a pointless upgrade. These soul gem attacks are slightly useful, but they are not as devastating or over the top as other character’s soul gem abilities.

Overall Stink Bomb is a decent character who is very useful at a distance but I don’t find myself gravitating to use Stink Bomb much outside of completing Sneak Challenges.

7 out of 10


Stink Bomb Video Review


Stink Bomb’s Stats

    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:140  Max Health270
Defense: 85  Speed43
Speed:150  Armor12
Luck:15  Critical Hit6
  Elemental Power25

Stink Bomb’s Attacks

Body Attacks
Skunk-Fu StarsPress Attack 1 to throw small stars that can damage enemies at long rangeFree
One-Inch PalmPress Attack 3 to deliver a powerful palm attack that knocks away enemies.300 Gold
Noxious NinjaPress Attack 1 to throw Skunk-Fu Stars that do increased damage.800 Gold
Sweeping Kung-FuHold Attack 1 to charge handfuls of Skunk-Fu Stars, release to damage enemies in all directions.1000 Gold
The Art of Skunk-Fu Path
Skunk-Fu ShieldSweeping Skunk-Fu creates a whirling shield that damages nearby enemies.1500 Gold
Skunk-Fu MasterSkunk-Fu Shield does increased damage2000 Gold
The Art of Acorns Path
Acorn AccuracyHold Attack 3 to charge a powerful poisoned acorn, release to shoot it at enemies.1500 Gold
Skunk EyeAn ancient aiming technique makes acorn attacks do increased damage.2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Master-Star TechniquePress Attack 1 to throw Master Stars that have a higher chance to critically hit.3500 Gold
Leg Attacks
Skunk CloudPress Attack 2 to go invisible and damage enemies with a large obscuring cloud.Free
Hidden TailPress Attack 2 while invisible to perform a tail attack that does a large amount of damage to enemies.300 Gold
Sporting StripesSpeed is increased.800 Gold
Skunking AroundPress Attack 2 to go invisible and leave a skunk cloud on the ground that damages enemies.1000 Gold
Skunk Cloud Controller Path
Rolling FogUp to two skunk clouds can be active at one time.1500 Gold
Cloudy ConcoctionSkunk cloud does increased damage.2000 Gold
Sneaky Tricks Path
Sneaky TacticsMove forward slowly to cause pointy objects to be left behind that slow and damage enemies.1500 Gold
Pain in the FootSneaky Tactics does increased damage.2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Stealth SkunkRemain invisible even after attacking enemies.3500 Gold
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