Eon’s Elite – More Skylanders to Collect

Eon's EliteActivision recently announced that a new type of collectable Skylander will be available. These figures are going to be in extremely limited quantities and sold through GameStop in the US and Canada. There will be eight characters in total, and each one will be an original from Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure. The first two are going to be Elite Spyro and Elite Chop Chop. The figures are going to be in the same poses as the old figures. Eon's Elite SpyroHowever, each will be on a gold metallic base and will come in a display case with a 3D background image. An Australian GameStop Website had them listed at 29.95 Australian Dollars with a release date being the same as the new Trap Team. So these will not be cheap characters. You might be saying, “Why would I want to buy an old character of which I already have several different posed variants, just for a gold base and a fancy 3D backed plastic case?” Well, there is only one other thing the new characters offer. Each Eon’s Elite member will be up to three times more powerful than it’s original character. So if the game wasn’t easy enough for you, now you can really breeze your way through it. If you Eon's Elite Chop Chopdon’t have a huge collection and do have trouble because you don’t have that many characters to swap with, then these may be a bigger draw to you. But these characters are clearly just a new marketing ploy by Activision to get us collectors to spend even more money buying a character we already have bought several times before. I’m torn right now on whether I want to buy these or not. What do you think? Do you plan on buying these collector’s items, or letting them sit for someone else with more disposable income than you?

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