Vote for a New Skylander

Frito Lay new Skylander VoteWell it’s time for more Frito-Lay contest news. Earlier we told you about the contest for submitting new Skylander names for three possible new Skylanders figures. We now know these figures will be part of the Trap Team release, though, these do not appear to be Trap Masters. It looks like one will just be a new core Skylander for the game. Well the names have been chosen and now it’s time to vote for your favorite character. Personally, I’m a little disappointed in the names. I saw better names floating around various message boards. I’m not sure if they were just never submitted or what. I know that we never got around to submitting names, so maybe people just didn’t have enough faith in themselves. Regardless, ONE of these names will be your next new Skylander. So now, do you vote for your favorite character? Or your favorite name? It’s tough, but let your voice be heard. Head on over to Frito-Lay and submit your vote.

Frito Lay new Skylander Vote High Five



High Five is the fifth son of the Royal High Flying Dragonflies. He can fly higher and faster than any other dragonfly and is famous for his great speed.



Frito Lay new Skylander Vote Flip Wreck



Flip Wreck is half dolphin and half ship wreck.





Frito Lay new Skylander Vote Bat Spin



Bat Spin is a witch from the underworld. One day, trolls came to the underworld so Bat Spin had to save the underworld’s people and she did. Afterwards, Eon asked her to join the Skylanders.




Let us know which one is your favorite and why.

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