Swap Force Trading Cards

Swap Force Trading Cards singleSkylanders Swap Force Trading Cards are the second trading cardSwap Force Trading Cards Jumbo installment from Activision’s top-selling Skylanders franchise. This collection includes the all of the 16 Swap Force characters, such as Stink Bomb and Boom Jet, as well as cards for all 256 swappable combinations. Collect all 32 mirror foil cards including 16 brand new Skylanders, and 8 new enemies. Also find exciting ‘color-me-in’ cards as well as puzzle cards. This  card collection is the largest yet!



Swap Force Trading Cards TinCards can be found in single (6-Card) packs or jumbo (18-card) packs. There is also a collectible Tin that comes filled with a four packs of cards, one dog tag, four bonus cards and some stickers.






Swap Force Trading Cards
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