Boom Jet

Boom Jet
"Bombs Away!"

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No matter what Boom Jet did, he always had to be the best. He could be seen day and night above his home in the Billowy Cloudplains gunning his engines and performing daredevil maneuvers as he trained to become the best sky surfer in all of Skylands. Unfortunately, Boom Jet never had a chance to compete for the championship because a day came that changed his life forever. The Darkness had come. And with his town on the verge of being completely consumed by the ominous evil force, Boom Jet took action. Using his incredible flying skills, he raced from house to house, rescuing all of the citizens and carrying them to safety… just before The Darkness destroyed his homeland. It was then he realized the protection of Skylands was more important than personal glory, so he sought out Master Eon to offer his services to the Skylanders.

Boom Jet is a new Swap Force swappable character off the Air element with a movement type of Rocket.

Boom Jet is a Swap Force Wave 2 release Skylander.

Boom Jet Unboxing


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:180  Max Health260
Defense: 80  Speed43
Speed:120  Armor24
Luck:90  Critical Hit6
  Elemental Power25


Body Attacks
Football BombPress Attack 1 to throw a football sized bomb.Free
Air StrikePress Attack 3 to call for help from the skies. An airstrike shoots projectiles at enemies on the ground.300 Gold
Tight SpiralPress Attack 1 to throw a football bomb that does increased damage.800 Gold
Go Long!Hold Attack 1 to charge a football bomb, release to throw a Super Bomb.1000 Gold
Storm Bomber Path
Storm BombHold Attack 1 to charge a football bomb, release to create storm clouds where the bomb lands that shock nearby enemies.1500 Gold
Unfriendly SkiesStorm Bomb does increased damage. Prerequisite: Storm Bomb2000 Gold
Squad Leader Path
BombersAir Strike now drops bombs that do damage in a large area.1500 Gold
Tight FormationPress Attack 3 to call in an Air Strike that does increased damage.2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Supply DropAir Strike has a chance to drop health supplies if health is low. Prerequisite: Air Strike1700 Gold
Leg Attacks
Wind TurbineHold Attack 2 to shoot wind at nearby enemies, pushing them backwardsFree
Mach 1Press Attack 2 two times to dash forward. Hold Attack 2 to continue dashing quickly300 Gold
Ace PilotSpeed is increased.800 Gold
TurbulenceHold Attack 2 to shoot three homing propellers at enemies.1000 Gold
Sky Writer Path
Sky WritingA smoke trail is left behind while dashing that stuns and damages enemies.1500 Gold
Thick SmokeSky Writing does increased damage and stays around longer. Prerequisite: Sky Writing2000 Gold
Ace Gunner Path
Gun ShipPress Attack 2 to shoot missiles from a powerful new mounted turret.1500 Gold
Rocket FuelNew turret designs make Gun Ship do increased damage. Prerequisite: Gun Ship2000 Gold
Sould Gem Ability
Mach 2Mach 1's speed is increased and a large blast damages enemies at the beginning of the dash.3500 Gold

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