"A Blaze of Glory!"

Snowderdash had always wanted to be a royal defender of the Fire Temple - home of the First Flame, a sacred torch that had been ignited by the original Fire Source. Unfortunately, she had been born during an eclipse and was believed by her people to be cursed, which prevented her from such an honor. But when Kaos stole the flame and used it to light the candles on his birthday cake, it was Snowderdash who went after it. Blazing like a comet, she dashed into Kaos' Lair, repelled the troll security force with her flaming whip, and retrieved the sacred flame just before Kaos blew out the candles. Snowderdash returned home as a champion of her people and was finally granted the honor of becoming a royal defender. But she graciously declined, having set a new goal for herself - to help fight against Kaos as a member of the Skylanders.

Snowderdash is a special painted variant of Lightcore Smolderdash for Swap Force. It was a special gift for Activision Employees in 2013. It was never released to the public or ever given away in a trade show. Despite being a "named" variant, she acts like a painted variant where she does NOT appear as "Snowderdash" in the game. She is just a special version of Lightcore Smolderdash. There have been two other employee gift characters: Lightcore Prism Break - Gold which was a 2012 gift to Activision employees, and Fire Kraken - Gold which was a 2013 gift to the Swap Force Dev team.

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