Fire Kraken – Gold

Fire Kraken - Gold
"Burn to be Wild!"

Raised on a small island surrounded by a vast ocean of fire, Fire Kraken was the swiftest, most agile warrior his tribe had ever seen. And when a fleet of Fire Troll ships arrived to steal the legendary Burning Heart, a huge elemental crystal that fueled the fiery seas, Fire Kraken leapt into action. Using a magical staff to control his natural ability to wield fire, he set the mighty ships ablaze, forcing the trolls into a hasty retreat. Having saved the Burning Heart as well as his homeland, Fire Kraken soon joined the Skylanders, where he knew his skills would help those in need.

Fire Kraken - Gold is a special painted variant of Fire Kraken for Swap Force. It was a special gift for the Swap Force Dev team in 2013. It was never released to the public or ever given away in a trade show. No one knows how many were made but they are even hard to find in the reseller markets. There have been two other employee gift characters: Lightcore Prism Break - Gold which was a 2012 gift to Activision employees, and Snowderdash which was a 2013 gift to Activision employees.

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