"Hawke and Awe!"

Pet-Vac is the mini version of Jet-Vac. Mini's were originally created for a Frito-Lay contest at the tail end of the release of Spyro's Adventure. There was a second contest during the Giants game which added 4 more Giants minis. No mini's were released with Skylanders Swap Force, but starting in the 4th game Trap Team, the mini's were re-released with red bases and became playable in the Trap Team game.

Pet-Vac is one of the new minis created for Skylanders Trap Team. He joins 15 other minis now playable in Trap Team. He will be sold in a Mini two pack with Breeze.

Meet Pet-Vac w/Chill Bill (Trap Team)

Power Play: Pet-Vac


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:80  Max Health240
Defense: 80  Speed70
Speed:110  Armor12
Luck:130  Critical Hit20
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Vac BlasterPress Attack 1 to shoot enemies with a powerful blast of air.Free
Suction GunHold Attack 2 to suck enemies into the spinning fan blades.Free
Feistier FanBigger spinning fan blades on the Suction Gun to increased damage to enemies.500 Gold
Jet-Vac Jet PackPress Attack 3 to fly and perform new attacks in the air.700 Gold
Vac Blaster 9000Vac-Blaster does increased damage.900 Gold
Turbine Suction FanSuction Gun attacks do even more increased damage. Prerequisite: Feistier Fan1200 Gold
Bird Blaster Path
Piercing WindsVac Blaster does even more increased damage and pierces multiple enemies.1700 Gold
Vac Master-Blaster 20XVac Blaster does maximum damage.2200 Gold
Super Suction Air BlasterSuck up enemies with the Suction Gun and it gives the Vac Blaster a super shot.3000 Gold
Tank ReservesCan remain in flight longer and recharge faster.1700 Gold
The MulcherSuction Gun attacks do maximum damage.2200 Gold
Flying CorkscrewWhile flying, press Attack 2 to blast forward and perform a powerful corkscrew attack.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Eagle-Air Battle GearEnhanced armor and a pretty sweet visor.4000 Gold

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