"Twists of Fury!"

Breeze is the mini version of Whirlwind. Mini's were originally created for a Frito-Lay contest at the tail end of the release of Spyro's Adventure. There was a second contest during the Giants game which added 4 more Giants minis. No mini's were released with Skylanders Swap Force, but starting in the 4th game Trap Team, the mini's were re-released with red bases and became playable in the Trap Team game.

Breeze is one of the new minis created for Skylanders Trap Team. She will be sold as part of a mini two pack with Pet-Vac. No release date for Breeze has been given.

Meet Breeze w/Chill Bill (Trap Team)


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:50  Max Health270
Defense: 30  Speed70
Speed:140  Armor18
Luck:180  Critical Hit50
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Rainbow of DoomPress Attack 1 to fire an arced blast of rainbow energy.Free
Tempest CloudPress Attack 2 to send forth clouds that electrocute enemies. Hold Attack 2 to make Tempest Clouds travel farther.Free
Rainbow ChainRainbows do extra damage - shoot a Tempest Cloud with a Rainbow of Doom and a second rainbow chains off it.500 Gold
Triple TempestHave three Tempest Clouds active at onece. Tempest Clouds do extra damage.700 Gold
Dragon FlightPress Attack 3 to fly. Increased speed and armor while flying.900 Gold
Dual RainbowsHit a Tempest Cloud with a Rainbow of Doom and two rainbows will chain off of it. Prerequisite: Rainbow Chain.1200 Gold
Ultimate Rainbow Path
Double Does of RainbowShoot two Rainbows of Doom at once.1700 Gold
Atomic RainbowRainbow of Doom attack does increased damage.2200 Gold
Rainbow SingularityHold Attack 1 to charge up a super-powerful Rainbow of Doom black hole.3000 Gold
Tempest Dragon Path
Triple Rainbow, It's Full OnHit a Tempest Cloud with a Rainbow of Doom and three rainbows will chain off of it.1700 Gold
Tempest TantrumBigger Tempest Cloud does increased damage with increased range.2200 Gold
Tempest MatrixElectricity forms between Tempest Clouds that hurts enemies.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Rainbow of HealingRainbows HEAL your allies!4000 Gold

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