Eye Brawl – Halloween

Eye Brawl - Halloween
"I've Got My Eye On You!"

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Throughout history, there have been many epic battles, though none more bizarre than the legendary brawl between the headless giant and the infamous flying eyeball. It all started with a staring contest, but with the headless giant having no eyes and the flying eyeball unable to blink, it soon escalated into an all out war as the two rivals fought fiercely throughout the land of the Undead for over a hundred years! With neither opponent down, the two combatants were eventually struck with the realization that if they were to combine their formidable powers, they would be a force to be reckoned with. By teaming up, the infamous flying eyeball and the headless giant became known as Eye-Brawl, one of the most powerful Skylanders ever known.

Eye Brawl - Halloween is affectionately known as Pumpkin Eye Brawl due to his giant pumpkin eye. He was a Halloween 2013 special variant of Eye Brawl for Skylanders Giants. Like other painted variants, Eye Brawl - Halloween does NOT appear in the game as Pumpkin Eye Brawl. He was one of the more widely available special variants characters and can still be had for a decent price. There was one other Halloween 2013 variant character in Fright Rider - Halloween, but he was much harder to obtain.

Pumpkin Eye Brawl Unboxing Video:

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