Eruptor – Silver

Eruptor - Silver
"Born to Burn!"

Eruptor is a force of nature, hailing from a species that lived deep in the underground of a floating volcanic island until a massive eruption launched their entire civilization to the surface. He's a complete hot head -- steaming, fuming, and quite literally erupting over almost anything. To help control his temper, he likes to relax in lava pools, particularly because there are no crowds.

Eruptor - Silver was one of three rare silver figures to be released with Spyro's Adventure. The silver figures were found randomly in retail stores mixed in with the regular Eruptor. As with all colored variant special characters he will not appear as silver in the game, he is just a silver painted Eruptor.

The other two Silver characters available for Spyro's Adventure were Dino-Rang - Silver and Boomer - Silver.

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