Dino-Rang – Silver

Dino-Rang - Silver
"Come 'Rang or Shine!"

For years, Dino-Rang trained to use the weapons of his tribe – earthen boomerangs. His people were skilled hunters in a world far away from the realm of Skylands. As he slept one night, a freak portal suddenly opened beneath him. Unsure of how or why he arrived in Skylands, Dino-Rang set out to explore the world that was suddenly his new home. Eventually becoming a Skylander, he now fights with his own brand of dino-justice, while seeking out the fabled Twin Diamond Boomerangs, which he believes could hold the clues to his greater destiny.

Dino-Rang - Silver was one of three rare silver figures to be released with Spyro's Adventure. The silver figures were found randomly in retail stores mixed in with the regular Dino-Rang. As with all colored variant special characters he will not appear as silver in the game, he is just a silver painted Dino-Rang.

The other two silver characters besides Dino-Rang - Silver available for Spyro's Adventure are Boomer - Silver and Eruptor - Silver.


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