Elite Ghost Roaster

Elite Ghost Roaster
"No Chain, No Gain!"

There was a time when Ghost Roaster was neither a ghost nor a roaster. Instead he was a chef living in a village high in the mountains. One day, while clipping wool from a sheep to use in a recipe, he accidentally fell into the Valley of the Undead and transformed into a ghost eating ghoul! After eating an entire spectral village, its Ethereal Ruler chained Ghost Roaster to a spiked ball as punishment -- its rattle heard as he wanders the night, warning nearby spirits. When Master Eon eventually heard of his predicament, he figured even a ghost eater could be useful. So he made Ghost Roaster a Skylander... after he promised to eat only evil ghosts.

Elite Ghost Roaster will be released with the second year of Eon's Elite characters during the SuperChargers game.  He will be released in the second wave of Eon's Elite figures estimated to be available in December 2015.

The second year of Eon's Elite characters have new unique poses but still sit on a gold base with a clear uncolored bottom as they do not belong to any one game. Eon's Elite characters are three times stronger than the original character.

Elite Ghost Roaster only has one other variant, the original Ghost Roaster for Spyro's Adventure.

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